Lincoln College Museum – Lincoln, Illinois

Lincoln College.gifLincoln College Museum – Lincoln, Illinois

Being the only college to have the name of Lincoln from the time he was alive this college has worked to provide a quality display of Lincoln artifacts and other displays to showcases of the rich local and college history, to a significant Presidential display and tribute and the September 11th exhibit which includes a three foot beam from Tower One.

The Lincoln College Museum proudly displays an original 1865 William Cogswell oil canvas portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  Outside the entrance to the main exhibit area of the Lincoln College Museum is the Hall of Presidents. It boasts a rare collection of original, hand-written signed letters and documents from every chief executive and some first ladies, as well as photographs, prints, biographical information, and commemorative medals of the Presidents.

"Brief History of the City of Lincoln and Logan County

Lincoln, Illinois, established in 1853, was the only town named for Abraham Lincoln before he became President of the United States. Lincoln came to the new town site on August 27, 1853 at which time lots were to be sold. At this time he was regionally well known as a one-term Congressman and popular trial lawyer, though not yet nationally known. He had been asked prior to this to christen the town, and that he did on that day. Taking juice from a pile of watermelons stacked nearby, he poured the juiced on the ground, after which the town lots were sold.

Lincoln was no stranger to the area which would later become Logan County. In 1834 he surveyed the Samuel Musick Salt Creek Ferry Road through Middletown to New Salem and on towards Jacksonville, IL. Two years later he surveyed the site of Albany approximately 5 miles south of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln assisted in establishing Logan as a county in 1839, in honor of friend Dr. John Logan, a southern Illinois Democrat whose support Lincoln needed in moving the capitol of Illinois from Vandalia to its current location in Springfield. Lincoln rode the Eighth Judicial Circuit in which Logan County was a part, from 1840 to 1860.

It was a in a letter dated March 4, 1864 to President Abraham Lincoln, in which one of the town’s proprietors Robert Latham wrote to the President informing him that a university had been established in Lincoln, IL in his honor. Latham wrote, "…the greatest difficulty will be to … build a house that will do justice to the name and place." We believe we have succeeded." (This section on the county was copied from the museum website)

Location: The Lincoln College Museum
300 Keokuk St.
Lincoln, IL 62656

Phone: 217-735-5050

Hours: Sunday 1-4; Mon – Fri 9 – 4 and Sat. 1 – 4.  Closed all major holidays except Lincoln’s Birthday.