Bald Knob Cross – Alto Pass, Illinois

Bald Knob Cross in Alto Pass, Illinois is a symbol of faith built by contributions from across the country. This cross stands 111 ft. tall. When illuminated at night, it can be seen over on area of 7,500 square miles.

Located in the Southern Illinois Ozarks the site is the highest elevation in the area. It is surrounded by the rugged scenic beauty of the Shawnee National Forest, Bald Knob rises more than 700 feet above the valley below.

The cross was completed in 1963. The base of the cross is made of Illinois marble and the upper portion is covered by reinforced steel porcelain panels. The cross can withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour. It is hollow, and visitors were originally able to go to the top. This was discontinued at some point before 1982. (suspected to be due to insurance issues and the condition of the interior stairs.)

There is a church service at the location every year on Easter. The site is also used for other religious activities such as religious events by various denominations and Christian biker gangs, etc.

There is a visitor center at the site, but it is not always open so don’t depend on it being a resource for information.

Location: 3630 Bald Knob Rd, Alto Pass, IL

Phone: (618) 893-2344